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SMEMSIC Strategic Planning and New Leadership

  • 25 Mar 2017 9:22 AM
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    Tom Knapp (Administrator)

    As many of you know, it was announced at the opening of the Spring 2017 conference that Tom Knapp would be retiring as the SMEMSIC Executive Director at the end of the Spring Conference. The SMEMSIC Board of Directors has been working on a transition plan for a number of months and Tom will be assisting with the transition to new leadership. SMEMSIC contracts with Michigan EMS Education, Inc. (MIEMSED) for the Executive Director duties and MIEMSED has assigned Dena Smith to manage the contract with SMEMSIC as the Executive Director.

    The SMEMSIC Board of Directors will have an organization strategic planning session in early June of this year to set a plan for SMEMSIC for the coming 5 years. The future leadership structure of SMEMSIC will be discussed during this session.

    The SMEMSIC Board will be active in monitoring the leadership transition and the performance of the new leadership under the contract. Tom Knapp will be assisting with the leadership transition and training of the new leadership through the SMEMSIC fall conference.

    This forum has been set up so members can ask questions and offer suggestions about the future of SMEMSIC when it comes to the Executive Director position. For instance, right now the contract for Executive Director is a part time position and has been part time through the history of the organization. This forum will allow members to offer suggestions about full time vs part time contracts and what members feel the needs are of the organization.

  • 18 May 2017 8:28 PM
    Reply # 4841038 on 4689337

    The SMEMSIC ED  full time or part time issue was address many many years ago ago and it was a goal to make it a full time position. Given the financial growth (although positive) I do not believe it can justify a full time ED at a reasonable salary.  Who or whatever is contracted/hired to execute the duties of the ED absolutely must not have any conflict of interest either real or perceived by any member.  Some members believe the SMEMSIC is drifting away from providing a strong objective voice for the smaller (individual, rural, private, etc.) IC's.  The ED, as well as the BOD should ensure this drift does not become a change on philosophy or representation.  This does not mean not working in cooperation with other "voices" (e.g. MAAS, MiEMSPA, fire chiefs, fire fighters, rural ems group etc) but SMEMSIC should not abandon who they are the voice for,

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